Course Introduction

Why Are Safety and Health Committee Formed? The committees are formed to address work related safety and health that affect employees. This may include addressing hazards in the workplace, implementing new inspection procedures, or reviewing Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) training requirements.

It is a legal obligation under OSHA’94 (Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994, Laws of Malaysia – Act 514), section 30. Establishment of safety and health committee at place of work, for employers to comply to the requirement as follow;

(1) Every employer shall establish a safety and health committee at the place of work in accordance with this section if-
(a) there are forty or more persons employed at the place of work; or
(b) the Director General directs the establishment of such a committee at the place of work.

The goal is to create a joint committee with workers and management personnel to improve safety at workplace as well as work related illness and reduce hazards to a minimum risk level if there are no practical means to eliminate the hazards.

OSHA’94, Section 31. Functions of safety and health committee, has provides some crucial principles for the committee members to focus on.

In order to further enhance your organization performance in OSH Management, now is a time to further empower your OSH committee with knowledge and skills for them to;
- look beyond legal compliance,
- improve existing safety practices,
- find and develop more practical safety tools and initiate dynamic programs, bringing the organization to next level of OSH excellence performance.

This course will set a new understanding of role and responsibility of an employer and employees towards managing the OSH at the workplace and leading the organization in achieving excellence OSH performance beyond legal compliance with a right attitude and positive mind-set to place your company amongst those in the “BEST IN CLASS of OSH PERFORMANCE’.

Alliance for Safe Community or IKS is committed to partner with you in this journey. We have the right professional to assist your company’s in meeting the objective. That is, making safety a way of life of every employee, both at work and at home.

Training Objectives/ Deliverables:

Upon completing the course, participants will be able to:

  1. Determine the provisions of the Safety and Health Committee Regulations
  2. Explain the basics of OSHA and its Regulations.
  3. Explain the basic of Safety Management System.
  4. Understand responsibilities and role of OSH Committee
  5. Determine the efficiency of OSH committee management
  6. Self-emphasize the important of being a member of OSH Committee
  7. Guide others to work safely and correct unsafe conditions or actions

Why choose us:

One of the specific features of this course will include case studies and functional exercises that all participants will be able to relate well. Our approach is to have prior engagement with our client to understand the existing issues related to the safety committee. The discussion will allow our inhouse professional to custom design the content to improve the committee effectiveness. This will include instilling the safety values and purpose of being a contributing member to the safety committee.

Both your organization and employees can benefit in the many ways when you have your employees undergoing this training, for example,
  • Acquire the knowledge and skill, with improved confidence to chair/ conduct safety committee meetings, including documentation / records / minutes.
  • Becoming a contributing member to the safety committee with constructive feedback on all safety issues affecting the employees /organization
  • Lead by examples to address safety issues as opposed to only raising them for other to resolve.
  • Becoming a bridge between employees and employer / management to identify potential risk and address safety issues in timely and effective manner.
  • Becoming a safety advocate to influence / motivate others to make safety as a way of life, both at work and off duty.


This training is designed primarily for all safety committee members and those identified soon to become a member. It is also suitable for employee across the board who passionate about safety, and desired to be a contributing member to improve safety performance for your organization. It includes senior leaders in your organization. It is highly recommended senior leaders are embedded in the training’ sessions; not only to show leadership presence, but to appreciate your employee thinking or challenges and make your contribution positively.

Training Approach and Methodologies:

Our course is highly engaging, lively, and interactive experience for every participant. Motivational audio-visual presentation with real scene pictures and recording will be part of the standard content.

The course content will also include discussion on the important of self-leadership, self-development and personal-discipline.

“It is all started in the mind before anything physically exist”.

Example, how do you perceive ‘a safe work’, and how committee able to shapes the organization managing safety and health matters effectively. We will also discuss about what leads to poor safety and health performance and non-compliance, and what are necessary steps needed to strengthen it.