Tan Sri expressing his deep concerned with contractors.... without putting safety measures in place while working on the road.

Speaking during the 2 days OSH Training with MBPJ Nov 22-23 at Kinrara Golf Club

Segment 5 OSH Workshop Nov 22-23rd 2023, MBPJ n Ikatan Kinrara, Golf Club Puchong

Segment 4 Nov 22-23rd OSH Workshop MBPJ - Ikatan Kinrara Golf Club

Segment 3 Speaking during OSH workshop with MBPJ Nov 22-23rd Kinrara Golf Club Puchong

Ikatan World OSH Training with MBPJ Nov 22-23 2023 Intro

A historic milestone in safety collaboration: The inaugural OSH workshop, held in conjunction with MBPJ on November 22-23, 2023 (2 photo)

Ikatan's delegation at the APOSHO, APOSHO 37 Conference 24th and 25th October 2023. (2 photo)

Safety tour led by Datuk Bandar during MBPJ safety days on June 15th 2023 (1 photo)

Ikatan TnC recognising the best contributors of training partners during 5th AGM - Sept 9th 2023 (1 photo)

Road safety talk by Prof. Wong Shaw Voon during Bayer Safety Days -Sept 14th 2023 (1 photo)

Lantikan Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye sebagai Penaung Program OSH MBPJ-June 15th 2023 (1 photo)

Ikatan 5th AGM -Held at KLGC on Sept 9th 2023 (1 photo)

June 15th 2023- MOU signing ceremony with MBPJ to promote safety culture (1 photo)

Mental Well-being for All - Make it a Reality (1 photo)

Event Of Organisasi Prihatin, Kebajikan Pelajar Disantuni (5 photos)


Meeting with PROLINTAS officers on 14-04-2021 in regard to SUKE Highway safety (3 photos)

Ikatan Komuniti Selamat – World Day Of Remembrance For Road Traffic Victims on 08-11-2020 @ Ikatan Office (4 photos)

Ikatan Komuniti Selamat 2nd AGM (4 photos)

Courtesy visit to Ministry of Health on 05-05-2020 (3 photos)

Ikatan Komuniti Selamat Road Safety Day @Palm Mall Seremban On 14-12-2019 (8 photos)

Ikatan Komuniti Selamat Official Launching @ Kelab Darul Ehsan On 17-11-2019 (6 photos)

Ikatan Komuniti Selamat –mdkl Program Sungai Angkat @16-11-2019, Kuala Langat

AGM Aposho 34 (3 photos)

ASEC – IKATAN KOMUNITI SELAMAT First Aid for Public (25-08-2019 @ CO3 Social Office, Puchong) (6 photos)

Courtesy visit to Ministry of Housing & Local Government on 23-8-2019(3 photos)

Ikatan Komuniti Selamat 1st AGM (2 photos)

Courtesy visit to Ministry of Transport on 26-07-2019(2 photos)

Mesyuarat Town Hall (3 photos)

Konferense Psikologi (2 photos)

Mesyuarat Bulanan Exco Ikatan Komuniti Selamat (2 photos)

Launching of PLUS 2019 Safety Day (2 photos)

Distribution of Face Mask to Residents

Residential Housing Estate Safety Assessment @Taman Dagang Jaya on 20-03-2019 (10 photos)