Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye Articles

2023-12-31: [The Star] - Lam Thye: Embrace the New Year and welcome the new King
2023-12-24: [The Star] - Lam Thye lauds people-oriented police force, credits new leadership for transformation efforts
2023-12-17: [The Star] - Setting up BSU a strategic move by CID, says Lee Lam Thye
2023-12-16: [The Star] - Come up with clear-cut dress code for govt buildings, facilities, says Lee Lam Thye
2023-12-08: [The Star] - Welfare home gets RM10,000
2023-12-05: [The Star] - Making students see bad effects of vaping
2023-12-05: [The Star] - Lee Lam Thye welcomes plan to extend passport validity to 10 years
2023-12-03: [New Straits Times] - Beyond the office: Nurture safety as a personal value in every area of life
2023-12-02: [The Star] - Ensuring safety important at all times, not just at work, says Lee
2023-11-18: [The Star] - IGP's integrity message to police trainees timely, says Lam Thye
2023-11-12: [The Star] - Societal, systemic changes needed to protect children in cars, says Lee Lam Thye
2023-11-04: [The Star] - Local councils must maintain road signboards at all times
2023-10-29: [The Star] - Decriminalising minor drug offences way to go, says Lee Lam Thye
2023-10-22: [The Star] - Lee Lam Thye encourages police to address integrity issues
2023-10-08: [The Star] - Pay hike proposal for cops justified, says Lam Thye
2023-10-02: [The Star] - Wishlist for the National Budget 2024: Focus on safety
2023-09-24: [The Star] - Laws needed to prevent underage vaping, says Lee Lam Thye
2023-09-13: [The Star] - Prioritise healthcare workers' mental well-being, says Lee
2023-08-31: [The Star] - Moulding children to be patriotic citizens
2023-08-30: [The Star] - Time for people to unite, not for divisive politics
2023-08-24: [The Star] - Virtues of civics education
2023-08-16: [The Star] - No progress in park maintenance, says NGO
2023-08-07: [The Star] - A reflection of a caring Malaysia
2023-08-02: [The Star] - Cherish principles of Rukun Negara, says Lam Thye
2023-08-01: [The Star] - Reminder to be on the lookout for scams
2023-07-22: [The Star] - Lam Thye is a man who defines public service
2023-07-17: [The Star] - Authorities must walk the plastic waste talk
2023-07-11: [The Star] - Public support for anti-corruption efforts vital
2023-07-07: [The Star] - Social activist donates RM90,000 to three charity groups
2023-07-03: [The Star] - Embrace and practise safety at work
2023-06-24: [The Star] - Wisdom of releasing investigation reports
2023-06-05: [The Star] - ‘Re-examine ways to deal with teenage druggies’
2023-05-30: [The Star] - Work out a holistic solution to handle strays
2023-05-22: [The Star] - Look East on how to manage ageing population
2023-05-16: [The Star] - Minor drug offenders should be rehabilitated, says activist
2023-05-15: [The Star] - Country needs to be ready for effects of climate change, says social activist
2023-05-13: [The Star] - What is the state of civic consciousness in Malaysia?
2023-05-11: [The Star] - Lam Thye hopes Ombudsman Bill will finally be tabled after mooted nearly 50 years ago
2023-05-06: [The Star] - Efforts must be made to return unclaimed monies to rightful owners, says Lee Lam Thye
2023-05-04: [The Star] - Potholes aplenty due to poor maintenance culture
2023-04-28: [The Star] - Inculcating safety and health culture at work
2023-04-22: [The Star] - Don’t let your guard down while celebrating, says Lee
2023-04-19: [The Star] - Seek public feedback on Senior Citizens Bill
2023-04-16: [The Star] - Take immediate steps to stop open burning, says Lee Lam Thye
2023-04-12: [The Star] - Far-reaching impact of food wastage
2023-04-01: [The Star] - Putting an end to abuse of animals
2023-03-29: [The Star] - Make citizenship process less stringent, Lam Thye urges govt
2023-03-25: [The Star] - Breaking up with single-use plastics
2023-03-19: [The Star] - Reviving suicide registry will help draw up effective prevention plans, says Lam Thye
2023-03-15: [The Star] - Take the lid off the dress code rules
2023-03-09: [The Star] - Give the unity government time to deliver
2023-03-06: [The Star] - Be kind to dogs, for they are angels without wings
2023-02-28: [The Star] - Close to ticking all the right boxes
2023-02-19: [The Star] - Lee: Govt’s proposed federal cybercrime law timely
2023-02-10: [The Star] - Teach children to abhor corruption
2023-02-01: [The Star] - Set up units to monitor all complaints from the public
2023-01-25: [The Star] - High public expectations for local authorities
2023-01-06: [The Sun] - IKATAN moves to Bukit Bintang City Centre
2022-07-07: [The Sun] - Awareness key to better understand mental health
2022-07-07: [The Sun] - ‘Calling Lee Lam Thye’ in times of need
2022-07-03: [New Straits Times] - Net proceeds from the sale of Lee Lam Thye's biography to be donated to charity
2022-06-24: [Sinar Harian] - Pusat jagaan warga tua perlukan lebih sokongan korporat
2022-06-24: [Sinar Harian] - Pantau kenaikan harga barang bantu kurang beban rakyat: Lam Thye
2022-06-20: [Sinar Harian] - Sultan Sharafuddin puji Lam Thye, tunjuk ciri sebenar wakil rakyat
2022-06-18: [thevibes.com] - Political ‘backstabbing’ drove me out of DAP: Lee Lam Thye biography
2022-06-17: [The Sun] - ‘Real YB’ launches biography
2022-06-17: [The Star] - Lam Thye’s journey now chronicled in a biography
2022-06-17: [The Star] - Lam Thye breaks 32-year silence
2022-06-16: [Astro Awani] - Harap biografi onak duri perjalanan hidup saya mampu cetus inspirasi - Lee Lam Thye
2022-06-16: [Selangor Journal] - Sultan Sharafuddin salutes Lee Lam Thye on his political journey
2022-06-16: [Sin Chew Daily] - 李霖泰推出传记书籍 雪苏丹主持推介仪式场面隆重
2021-07-26: [New Straits Times] - NGO answers veterans' SOS for aid
2021-06-05: [The Star] - Lee Lam Thye: Promote vaccination, no need to make it mandatory
2021-05-16: [The Star] - Covid-19: Comply with SOPs even after you're vaccinated, says Lam Thye
2021-04-20: [The Edge] - All parties must help boost Covid-19 vaccine registration rate, says Lee Lam Thye
2021-04-17: [msn news] - PBT mesti tempatkan duta penjarakan fizikal
2021-04-10: [Guang Ming Daily] - 李霖泰促批AZ疫苗前 須慎重探討疫苗安全性
2021-03-28: [The Star] - Lam Thye: Govt should address vaccine hesitancy issue effectively to ensure herd immunity
2021-03-23: [China Press] - 李霖泰预防當生活方式打造反犯罪文化
2021-03-22: [Guang Ming Daily] - 【SUKE工地又肇意外】李霖泰促立即停工 待工安評估過關再決定
2021-03-15: [Jesselton Times] - Challenges Facing The Ageing
2021-03-13: [I3investor] - Incentives for workers, employers By TAN SRI LEE LAM THYE
2021-03-09: [Sin Chew Daily] - 李霖泰防罪案基金会护社区各州设县会拼治安
2021-03-05: [The Malaysian Reserve] - Make public investigation results of SUKE incident – Lee Lam Thye
2021-02-07: [FMT] - Laksana sistem indemniti untuk program vaksinasi, kata Lee Lam Thye
2021-02-05: [EdgeProp] - National Security Council should review SOP for Chinese New Year - Lee Lam Thye
2021-01-18: [Daily Express] - New SOPs may be needed to stem Covid spread: Lee Lam Thye
2021-01-17: [The Sun Daily] - Prioritise OSH aspects to curb Covid-19 - Lee Lam Thye
2021-01-07: [The Borneo Post] - Poor road maintenance: Act before tragedy strikes — Lee Lam Thye
2020-12-29: [Sin Chew Daily] - 李霖泰:减少意外· 建议设小组查全国路洞
2020-12-27: [The Star] - Manage stress or it could lead to illness, says Lee Lam Thye
2020-12-05: [Oriental Daily] - 打击网络骗案 李霖泰促严惩
2020-11-02: [paultan.org] - Lee Lam Thye: Government should provide bike lanes
2020-11-01: [Malay Mail] - Lee Lam Thye urges govt to implement segregated motorcycle lanes to save lives
2020-10-27: [WORLD OF BUZZ] - “If the politicians are honest, they can easily fullfill the YDPA’s orders” -Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye
2020-10-11: [Malay Mail] - Resist temptation to share unverified news, Lee Lam Thye tells Malaysians
2020-09-30: [Malay Mail] - Malaysian politicians must support health decisions by MOH, says Lee Lam Thye
2020-09-29: [Guang Ming Daily] - 國內刑事下降 網絡犯罪暴增 李霖泰:現象讓人擔憂
2020-09-29: [FMT] - Hold off GE15 to prevent Covid-19 spike, says Lee
2020-09-05: [msn news] - Lee Lam Thye: Enough is enough. Throw water polluters in jail!
2020-08-17: [New Straits Times] - Lam Thye: Bill on Covid-19 must consider all
2020-08-02: [TRP] - More Malaysian Workers Are Getting Injured When Commuting To Work & It’s Time For Employers To Take Action
2020-07-25: [BERNAMA] - COVID-19: Start wearing face masks now - Lee Lam Thye
2020-07-19: [Guang Ming Daily] - 李霖泰:勿放鬆警惕 須自律免疫情復發
2020-06-22: [The Borneo Post] - Lam Thye: Children’s mental health shouldn’t be overlooked
2020-06-21: [The Sun Daily] - Children’s mental health shouldn’t be overlooked - Lee Lam Thye
2020-06-21: [The Star] - Include stress management modules in school curriculum, says Lee Lam Thye
2020-03-20: [Malay Mail] - Lee Lam Thye: Time to take care of mental health during MCO
2020-02-13: [BERNAMA] - Ensure safety of children while driving: Lam Thye
2020-01-14: [The Mole] - Malaysia needs animal welfare policy, says Lee Lam Thye