DOSH/JKKP认证的OSH协调员培训项目 (3天)

根据2020 年 OSH (修正案 1994 年第 29A(4) 条规, 任何在马来西亚有 5 名或以上员工的工作场所,都必须指派一位经过合格和专业培训的 OSH 协调员

未能配备职业安全与健康(OSH)协调员的违规行为将面临罚款,如果雇主被发现违反其职责,将面临更高的罚款,罚款金额高达 50,000 马币或监禁六个月

费用 :

类型 费用
公开课 (3天) RM756.00/人 (包括 8% SST)

HRDC claimable :

HRDC approved reference No: 10001308454

课程日期 :

  7 - 9 AUG 2023 (星期一至三) - 已完成
  23 - 25 OCT 2023 (星期一至三) - 已完成
  6 - 8 MAY 2024 (星期一至三) - IKATAN-MEF (Malaysian Employers Federation)

培训场地 :

Pertubuhan Ikatan Komuniti Selamat / Alliance For A Safe Community;
10-09 Menara The Stride,
Bukit Bintang City Centre,
No 2, Jalan Hang Tuah,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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Tan Sri Lee LT 开幕致辞 :

This is part 4 : "In his OSHC training opening remarks, Tan Sri Lee emphasizes that safety training should be regarded as an investment rather than an expense. Regrettably, many employers prioritize production over safety training, undermining its importance"

In the fifth segment of his opening statement, Tan Sri pointed out that employers must recognize employees' Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) matters as an essential aspect of proficient business management. Giving due attention to OSH issues is a fundamental component of sound business management

Segment 7.... You are actually protecting lives

In the 8th segment of his opening remarks, Tan Sri highlighted his safety concerns regarding SMEs due to their limited safety knowledge. He encouraged employers in SMEs to reconsider their approach and take inspiration from the practices of the oil and gas players.

In the concluding part (Segment 9 )of the OSH Coordinator Training's opening remarks, Tan Sri, the Chairman of Ikatan, emphasized the importance of embracing safety as an integral part of our lives. A sustainable safety culture requires more than just government intervention; it necessitates active involvement from the private sector.


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