Beliefs and values

1. NGO: We are a non- profit organization passionate about improving safety culture, awareness and compliances in the community

2. Commitment: Safety is our core value. It goes above and beyond priority.

3. Integrity: All trainings to be conducted in most ethical and professional manner.


1. HRDC Certified - All our trainers and facilitators are HRDC certified. We have the best expertise and resources that are ready to serve.

2. Proven Expertise - We have a pool of experienced and recognized leaders/ consultants, specialized in a wide range of industries and fields.

3. Holistic Programs – All safety trainings are designed with holistic solutions to improve safety.


1. Engaging- We endeavour to create a unique, interactive and engaging customer experience.

2. Realistic - Specific scenarios and role plays are standard features in the content designed for effective learning.

3. Sustainability- Post training follow up for continuous improvement.