Ikatan - TnC Committee. Year 2022-2024

  1. Support the Training and Consultancy's mission, vision and values as published in the IKATAN website.
  2. Ensure all training services implemented and conducted thereof are aligned to the strategic vision, mission, and priorities of IKATAN.
  3. Participate and provide inputs for the development of new training and consultancy programs and services.
  4. Participate in meeting with potential clients and secure partnership in a win-win spirit.
  5. Adhere to the confidentiality related to Trainers fees, invoices, quotation, and business development strategy.
  6. Promote training programs and consultancy services through direct or indirect contacts/ via social media/ news media.
  7. Agree to be member of T&C WhatsApp chatgroup and be a contributing member with constructive input.
  8. Review and endorse all training related fees, quotations/invoices as when required.
  9. Participate in quarterly committee meeting.(Note: meeting is typically set one week before the IKS Exco meeting)
  10. Adhere to Code of conduct/conflict of interest policy set by IKATAN (tbd)
  11. Supervise and assist in preparing, processing T&C quotation, invoicing and related claims.
  12. Interview, recruit trainers and expand T&C capability and capacity.