Course Introduction

When it comes to your organization’s highest priorities, workplace safety should always be in the top tier. Often, it makes a difference between life and death, impact to asset lost, effect to environment and even reputation to the Organization and license to operate.

While no workplace is immune to risk, your ongoing challenge is to keep risk mitigated and keep workplace safety standards high – and constantly improving.

To this end, although, Safety Management System, Safety tools and programs are essential element, it is the people that ultimately determine the organization safety performance. Therefore, human behavior and the right safety culture within the Organization must not be underestimated.

This course will set the foundation and provide the necessary tools to your employees to enhance your organizational safety culture. It inspires and empower your workforce to walk the safety journey.

Alliance for Safe Community or IKS is committed to partner with you in this journey. We have the right professional to assist your company’s in meeting the objective. That is, making safety a way of life of every employee, both at work and at home.

Training Objectives/ Deliverables:

Upon completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what organizational health and safety entail which include the significance of behavioral acts to safety performance and be inspired to do the right thing when nobody is watching.
  • Understand why basic compliance is not enough and how to shift from a compliance to a “Commitment” mindset
  • Be able to leverage on team power, embrace family caring spirit to keep watch for each other safety.
  • Demonstrate skills for identifying, evaluating and implementing cost effective solutions for influencing behavioral change.
  • Able to develop a “leadership presence” based on actions rather than words.
  • Cultivate a habit to tailor your safety message in day-to-day communication.

Why choose us:

One of the specific features of this course will include case studies and functional exercises that all participants will be able to relate well. Our approach is to ensure our participants able to stick to the learnings and able to internalize and apply them upon returning to workplace

Both your organization and employees can benefit in the many ways when you have your employees undergoing this training, for example,

  • Achieve improved safety leadership and safety culture, higher employee morale, increased productivity, and reduced costs of damage control.
  • Eliminating the need to supervisor the supervisors. Employee will factor health and safety into their day- to- day decisions process
  • Employee become a better health and safety advocate by highlighting the key areas to focus on to make a difference
  • Engage in conversations about safety culture, leading to improved occupational safety and better overall team moral


This Training Course is suitable for all employee across the board. It includes senior leaders in your organization. It is highly recommended senior leaders are embedded in employees’ sessions for two primary reasons:

Not only to show leadership presence, but be able to appreciate your employee thinking and make your contribution positively.

Training Approach and Methodologies:

Our course is highly engaging, lively, and interactive experience for every participant. Motivational audio-visual presentation with real scene pictures and recording will be part of the standard content.

The course content will include discussion on the important of leadership. For example, how leadership influence safety behavior, and how behavior shapes the organization safety culture. The course will also cover discussion as why often many organizational safety management system failed and what are necessary steps needed to strengthen it.