In Malaysia, road traffic crash has caused about 20 fatalities each day

Road traffic safety (RTS) is a global concern. It is estimated that around 1.35 million people are killed due to road traffic crash and 20 million to 50 million are injured on the roads around the world each year, and that this level is keep on rising. Thus, road crash has caused substantial socio-economic and safety impacts globally. Road traffic crash is the 8th leading cause of death for people of all ages and is the number 1 cause of death for children and young adults aged between 5-29 years old. More than half of global traffic deaths are among pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists who are still too often neglected in road traffic system design in many countries. As projected by World Health Organization (WHO), by 2030, injuries generated within the road transport system will be the 5th most common reason for loss of health.

In Malaysia, road traffic crash has caused about 20 fatalities each day in which 13 of them are motorcyclists as a result of more than 0.5 million road traffic crashes each year. This has caused our country’s economic lost amounting to RM 9 billion per year.

Thus, in order to reduce and ultimately eliminate road traffic fatalities in Malaysia and concurrently support the Sustainable Development Goals 3.6 to halve the road deaths and injuries by 2030, drastic actions based-on Safe System Approach through the 5 Strategic Pillars of the Decade of Action, namely, Road Safety Management, Safer Mobility & Roads, Safer Vehicles, Safer Road Users and Post-Crash Management, should be implemented holistically by all stakeholders and transport related organizations to safe guard and ensure the well-being of all road users for sustainable road transportation system in the country.

IKATAN KEMUNITI SELAMAT (IKS) is proud to announce that we have the following road traffic safety training programs to offer.

Additionally, we are happy to discuss with you and custom designed any relevant courses to meet your safety needs.

  1.  Introduction to MS ISO 39001:2013 Road Traffic Safety Management System
  2.  MS ISO 39001:2013 Road Traffic Safety Management System – Internal Audit
  3.  Introduction to MS 2696 – 2S (Service and Spare Parts)
  4.  Introduction to MS 2697 – 4R (Reuse, Repair, Remanufacture and Recycle)
  5.  Introduction to Road Traffic Safety
  6.  Managing Road Traffic Safety
  7.  Introduction to Road Traffic Crash Investigation
  8.  Introduction to Road Transport Legislation & Regulations
  9.  Customized road traffic safety related training