Helping your organization to make SAFETY as your CORE VALUE?

Every company desires a breakthrough in their safety performance, but the abiding challenge is to translate this desire into action. The typical approach is to establish more safety programs and enforcement of compliance. But new programs with new tools are unlikely to experience buy-in from the workforce, which may already be burdened with current tools and processes. Threats and intimidation have proven to be ineffective and unsustainable. Working harder on the fundamentals does not guarantee desired results.

Safeguards which focus on equipment design, processes and systems are only as good as the humans who use them. The brutal truth is that hiring more safety officers on the ground may result in unintended consequence, shifting employee safety responsibility and accountability to SSHE department!

The answer is ultimately found in a company’s leadership and culture- the day-to-day norms that shape decisions and behaviours. In this journey, the organization leader’s personal safety values and belief must be grounded deep as core values that influences decision-making all the time, at every level.

If your company wishes to develop a culture in which the value of safety is embedded in every level of the workforce. contact us today. Ikatan Kemuniti Selamat (IKS) would like to partner you in this journey.