Have you prepared your Umbrella, before the rain?

A company is a place we always wanted our employees to call home, i.e. safe, warm and provide a sense of belonging. Most of our employees spend the best time of their life contributing to the development of a company, in exchange of a salary and quality of life.

It is obvious for any management to uphold the sustainability of their business, in many occasion, not only for profitability alone, but also as our responsibility to our employees.

We want to make sure as far as practicable, all possible risk that might disrupt the profitability of the business is eliminated or mitigated.

A damage control contingency plan can also be laid out, to minimized the disruption of possible accident to the company operation, in maintaining a sustainable employee’s livelihood.

IKS Training team has multiple experts on Contingency Planning and Emergency Response who able to assist you on not only compliance to the governing rules and regulation, but more importantly, safe guarding your workplace and employee for a business that disaster-proof, for the coming decades.

If business sustainability and employee livelihood is part of your core concerns, welcome to contact us today. Ikatan Kemuniti Selamat (IKS) would like to partner you in this journey.